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Roberta Stamato (Brazil, 1970) is a visual artist and photographer based in Milan.

A Latin American woman with Italian roots who has always had a passion for photography and the day she discovered that she could literally bring images to life, she felt that something was falling into place.

Roberta creates art based on photography for experimentation and questioning purposes. Her path goes hand in hand with ecology and the boundary between what is eternal and what changes, she makes use of photography to reflect upon this relationship: durability X disappearance.

Master in Photography and Visual Design, NABA, Milan

Group show "Conflict" , Assab One, Milan, Italy, 2023
Group show "Woman's Essence Show 2024", Valid World Hall - Barcelona, Spain, 2024

Award - Great Woman Artist - Musa International - Woman Art Award 2024
Solo exhibition , Secret Location, Ecosex In The Other Way Around, Milan, Italy , 2024

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