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Capoeira - Alma Brasileira
Brazilian Soul

This project on capoeira transcends mere visual representation. Through almost abstract black and white images, I seek to capture the fluid and energetic essence of this Afro-Brazilian martial art. Each photo is a dance between light and shadow, shapes and movements, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a universe of physical and cultural expression. In the simplicity of black and white lies the complexity of capoeira, a visual synthesis that echoes ancestral rhythms and historical resistance.

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Genetic Memory

What do we carry down from our ancestors?

Original family archive portraits with Physarium Polycephalum 
interference. Photos and vídeos taken during the process.

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Ecosex in The Other Way Around

What if “nature” has an active role in this relationship?
Like all love, it leaves marks. Sometimes love dies but always transforms.

E se a "natureza" tomasse um papel ativo nessa relação?
Como todo amor, deixa marcas. As vezes o amor morre mas sempre transforma.

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Obsessão Brasileira - Last Game

Brazilian Obssession
Last Game - Game Over

Every Brazilian has this collective obsession: World Cup Games.The person may not even like football but on game day of the World Cup is a holiday, there is partying, cold beer, gathering of friends and almost no one works or studies, at least during the game.
This videophoto was made in the last game of Brazil in the World Cup in Qatar, Brazil was eliminated, lost on penalties, game over.

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